The Sundering


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Belforia is a vast continent of temperate climate as it sits near the equator of this world. however, 2 portions of this land are forever covered by snow, and random blizzards; for reasons unknown to most, a mystery perhaps some may seek to discover. The world is littered with very few adventurers after the Sundering, an event that took place 5 years, due to the use of forbidden relics of an evil God. Drawing away from the world, the Gods took with them the courage and desire to bless those who once wielded their powers. From Winterfall along that whole latitude line has been sundered and broke apart from Belforia. The goal of the PCs is to ultimately discover the reasons why the Gods have forsaken their subjects, as well as unearth the reason some are still able to wield powers of divine might.

Belforia has two difference ages to play in. Pre Sundering, when the world was lush, and prosperous filled with thriving cities and well established boarders. The last war happened 234 years prior to this age period, and was over the Mountain Region Barrowlands. The Elves reclaimed their homeland from the Chaos Elves and banished them beyond the earth, in exchange for their immortality. the world was still young, Kings and Warlords were craving out their lands and establishing treaties as well as gathering resources to further benefit their kingdoms. The Second Age is the Post Sundering, where just recently within the past 5 years an evil and malicious wizard deceived the God Urgathoa into allowing him to utilized artifacts that belonged to her in her mortal life. The world is now in upheaval and chaos, where kingdoms are deceiving one another, and retreating their boarders in order to fortify their lands to protect their people and the lords best interest. This is the time line players are in now that allow them to choose their own path, and allies; to help or hinder kingdoms as they choose. The world is left with very few powerful adventurers, and the ones who are left are in positions of obvious power and influence.

Many other races, as well as history fills Belforia; from the Barbarians from the frozen north, to the Dwarfs who retreated from the lands across the ocean with the Gnomes in search of greater discoveries. The southern jungles of Tak’Hiz hide many secrets of the continent, filled with under-earth temples, and shrines dedicated to Dead Gods.

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The Sundering Gods

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