The Sundering was a catastrophic event that took place in the year 3127, as far as the Elves measured time. This occurrence caused the world to rupture its core, splitting land masses; and dividing seas. Forever across this parallel the world is scarred one single rift of the darkest magic, tainting all who venture across, or even near. The surrounding areas of the sundering were effected as well, their homelands destroyed; and their people warped ever so subtly by magics. The reason for this destruction was due to one malicious and evil wizard, who had befriended and corrupted a Goddess, Urgathoa. The means in which he tricked her are unknown and people wish to keep it this way, for because of him the remaining Gods withdrew themselves from Mortal affairs and the world they once created.

The world is now God-less, Divine magic is no longer the prevalent, and those who are lucky enough to wield it would sooner kill themselves before speak a word of their abilities. There are very few who remained in touch with their Divine power, and those who remain are hunted by kingdoms to use for their own means, or killed by believers of Limbo.

Above the Sundering lies a world unknown, land masses separated by the split. Legions lost, adventures who have not found their way home yet all met their end attempting to cross this rift. A select few seem to be untainted by this magic, and immune to its effects. However, those with the Divine “curse” are severely effected by this, and ultimately become infused with the Rifts magics and Sundered apart by its power. Some say the Magic is in fact the blood of Urgathoa, some say its the Gods themselves that keep this power in place. Others believe it is the Dragons keeping it there over the 5 years, no one knows for certain.



The Sundering Gods Kal