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The Elves are a mountainous race, establishing their cities in the sides of mountains they carve out whole sections to accommodate for their people. Once immortal, the Elves are now aging due to their pact made with the Dragon Lord. Although the most of the Elves who took part in the War of the Dark are still young as far as Elves age, but the elderly wizards sages of the race are now feeling the effects of that pact centuries ago. The Elven race who inhabit Belforia have all found their way to the Barrowland Mountain Range, with a few segments of roving scouting tribes that travel back and forth between the different major mountain ranges. The reason for this congruence is to establish the whole Barrowland for themselves in fear of one day having to fend off the Chaos Elves. Arvar Auvrea-athem ( Golden Father, Blood of the Dragons ), has forever been the King and Ruler of the people; and even after the blood-pact he seems to have been untouched by its curse. He rarely leaves his city, and when he does it is never alone as he travels with a consort of Elven Knights, blessed by the King himself. The elves treat him as an almost divine figure in their city, and look to him in times of great need. He is unwed, and childless; leaving his throne empty, for if he ever passes to the touch of life. This is taboo however to mention his contested throne, for directly under the king are long standing advisors who believe the king has another lifetime to live through. Speculations however, some of the younger generations elves who have not seen the effects of the blood-pact become too curious and are shunned from their society for doubting their Lord.

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The Elves accept all of the surface races to their cities, and accept them as honored visitors. They treat them as their own, and expect the same from those within these lands. This comes with great confusion as the Elves (full Elves) never ask a direct question to someone, so someone visiting the Elven lands will almost find themselves pampered and never asked a thing from them; however they are expected to do their share of chores and societal tasks.

The Elven cities are the most beautiful of any race all through Belforia, structured with such grace and beauty that seems almost as if Divine intervention took its course to chip each marble stone, to lay each granite block, or to chisel and detail every last esthetic. Each building looks as though a normal building of that nature, until further inspection; for engraved upon every surface are intricate and complex detailed designs that depict legends and stories of times long ago. Every bit of Elven craftsmen-ship is made with such detail and concentration that even their mundane works look as if made by the best human craftsmen. Elven works are considered masterwork for game play purposes but take 4 times as long to make than normal.


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