The Barbarians hail from Haladrear , a Barbarian city located in the frozen tundras of Everfrost, one of the harshest lands to inhabit on all of Belforia. Almost all Barbarians are dedicated to The Council of Justice, known to people of Belforia as The Tribunal . The strict sense of Justice and Honor in the manner of their faith are closely reflected in Barbarian society, as they prefer to live a straight forward, structured existence and strongly dislike the Chaotic nature some of the other races exhibit.

While Barbarians will tolerate other good or neutral aligned races in their homeland, they find the care free manner of the Elves disturbing; and don’t understand or want to understand those who study the Arcane. They maintain close ties with the Dwarves, their allies and honorary kinsmen and keep friendly relations with the orderly Human cities of Winterfell, Lannisport, and Kayce as well as Freeport. Barbarians will fiercely defend their home and those they consider friends, even to the death and the same applies in a simmering aggression to their enemies in battle.

While Barbarians are not familiar with Arcane magic, they do have some limited knowledge in the mystical kinds. Those who don’t take up the traditional role of the Warrior may become proficient Shamans and a few are drawn to the Wilds or the life of a wandering rogue. Barbarian Rangers can become almost feral and are quite capable of developing a close spiritual bond with nature and warder. Those Barbarians who do take up the axe and sword often become famous Warriors of renowned skill and bravery. The Warrior Guards of Haladrear are known throughout Belforia as one of the greatest blood and steel defences of any of the Capital cities.

From living with the harsh conditions of Everfrost the Barbarians have developed a natural toughness and resistance to cold. Though unlike many of the other races Barbarians have extremely poor night vision, the dangerous conditions forcing them to only venture out of their homes during the day. Only the most experienced or foolhardy Barbarians brave the darkness and when adventuring other party members should be careful not to leave a Barbarian comrade behind, lost in the night, as their sight may need a magical boost in order to safely hunt and travel.


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