The Sundering Gods

Bring Out Your Dead!
"You'll be stone dead in a moment."

The dale in which Barond, Carmen and Jacob hail from is but a stone throw from Teva a large town… Well if you could throw a stone 6 hours away then that statement would be correct but none the less the point is it is very close. Anyway, the group walked to Teva arriving late in the afternoon. Compared to where they lived Teva was pretty bustling. Teva even had several Town Criers, one of them a shady fellow named Eric with a K (or Erik for short). Jacob and Barond went to the Temple of Sarenrae while Carmen went to the town’s market to purchase the supplies her master needed.

The Town Crier named Erik was interested why these new comers needed to see the head Cleric in the Church of Sarenrae so badly, as he over heard them saying, he decided to follow them to the Church and listen in. Barond and Jacob first told Priest Boagrius the horror that had happened in their small dale and showed him the book. Boagrius told them he would delever the book to High Priest Godfrey and for them to please stay in town for the night so the High Priest could decipher it.

The pair left the Church and headed for an Inn, Eric with a K (Again Erik for short) followed them and inquired to what they were in town for and why did they have to see Godfrey so urgently. Apparently Jacob and Barond thought Erik was a trustworthily looking fellow and so they told him of what happened in the dale. After words Jacob went to search for Carmen while Barond and Erik got rooms at an Inn for the night.

Carmen finished purchasing the supplies for her master and finished the day wondering around seeing the sites of Teva. Until now she had never been to Teva by herself and never stayed there very long. Jacob found Carmen in a square watching street artists. He informed her of the Inn they would be staying at and the fact they were waiting for Godfrey to try and translate the book. They both went back to the Inn. Carmen put her items in her room and headed back into town while the others eat and enjoyed a few drinks at the Inn. Carmen discovered many places for light night entertainment. Fights, gambling and the like. She participated and observed for a while and then went back to the Inn late in the night.

The next morning the group was summed on Boagrius to come to the Church. Godfrey told them he had been able to read some of the text and had discovered the robed man was a Necromancer looking for three artifacts. An Amulet that summoned the dead from their graves, a Staff to Protect him from the very minions he called forth from the earth and a Ring to control the fowl creatures. He already had the Amulet and be using the book Godfrey had discovered that outside the dales was the Staff.

Filth Farmers....
"Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I'm being repressed!"

In a small dale of the township of Teva one day late Fall before the Sundering a Magic Weaver by trade named Barond and his master were walking down the trail through the farm lands towards the afore mentioned small dale when he noticed something odd. A robed man, who looked like no farmer, was digging through the soil like a mad man. Barond watched with puzzlement as the man digged and digged mumbling something about how he had found it. A town watch named Jacob noticed the same insanity and ventured over to find out what the fuss was about. At the moment the man digging stood up holding an Amulet high up screaming “I found it!”. When Jacob, Barond and his master started to approach and question what he had found the robed man chanted vile words and the earth around him started to till itself and from the soil rotting corpses began to spring forth.

Barond’s Master go to town and warn the people, Jacob the town watch was already running towards town to warn of the danger. As they raced for the town the robed man starting hovering in the sky cackling like a looney as his undead minions rose from the earth. Carmen the dale’s Apothecary in training heard a commotion outside her master’s shop. When she walked out her door Jacob ran past her, she asked what was going on and he yelled back “Stay in your shop!”. Moments later Barond and his master ran into town, Carmen asked the same of them, Barond informed her that undead were rising from the fields. Wanting to protect the town Carmen grabbed her spear and ran towards the danger warning all those she saw.

Jacob raced into the Watch Station and told his fellow Town Watch of the danger. Barond and his master joined them. Quickly they discussed this situation, Jacob and two other Town Watch would go and fight off the undead along with Barond while two other Town Watch would help bring the people to safety. Once agreed Jacob, Barond and two Town Watch ran to join Carmen to fend off the undead.

Meanwhile, Carmen faced the undead alone and out numbered. Quickly became surrounded she fought them off with all of her might. Just as things started looking dire Barond used his magic ways and shot forth a fan of flames at the undead around Carmen burning some of them to a crisp. Jacob and the two other Town Watch peppered the undead with arrows from afar (like skirts). Before not to long the undead creatures were defeated and the robed man had disappeared. As the group looked around for answers to what happened Carmen noticed a satchel and a book near the hole the robed man had dug.

Carmen, Barond and Jacob returned to the dale with the book and satchel. Barond’s Master looked at it and told Barond to take it the Cleric of Sarenrae in Teva. Jacob was ordered to escort Barond and Carmen volunteered to join them since she had to travel to Teva to get supplies for her master. So the next day the three started their journey to Teva….

History as it is written
Accounts of Belforia

Who ever post the adventure of the campaign will receive 1000xp on top of their RP xp. Let me express that you may only receive the xp bonus ONE TIME a week, we tend to play more than once, so the 1000xp is only rewarded once and to receive it, the WHOLE adventure of the week must be recorded. This is a huge Xp bonus on top of the rp xp you are all receiving. Take advantage of this and be ahead of the curve.


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