Mirum Lunar - Kepesksippiolosnin

An assumed elderly scholar who travels for relics, ancient text, lost treasure, and artifacts in his spare time.


Race: Bronze Dragon (Human), Age: -, Height: 5’10’’, Weight: 145 lbs, Eyes: Bronze, Hair: Bronze, Class: 17th Sorcerer * Alignment: LG, Religion: N/A Hit Points: 1,119, Initiative: +4, Speed: 30 Ft/ 6 Sq, AC: 34, BAB/Grapple: +35|+35|+33|+33|+33, Grapple : +45 Attacks: : No Weapon As Human


  • Fort: +21
  • Reflex: +15
  • Will: +21


  • Strength: 31 {+10}
  • Dexterity: 10 {+0}
  • Constitution: 23 {+6}
  • Intelligence: 22 {+6}
  • Wisdom: 23 {+6}
  • Charisma: 22 {+6}

Skills: Bluff +34 | Concentration +19 | Diplomacy +38 | Disguise +32 | Hide -2 | Intimidate +22 | Knowledge Checks +24 | Listen +34 | Professions Scribe +10 | Search +34 | Sense Motive +34 | Swim +28 | Survival +28.

Feats: Blind Fight, Dire Charge, Empowered Spell, Flyby Attack, Heighten Breath, Improved Initiative, Multiattack, Power Attack, Recover Breath, Wingover.

Class Abilities: Alternate Form, Breath Weapon, Crush, Frightful Presence, Spell-Like Abilities, Spells, Water Breathing, Sorcerers Spells.


Equipment: Relic Quill Pen, Money Pouch, Several Books, Records, Parchments, Satchels, Water, Ink, Cloak.


Mirum is a disguised Old bronze Dragon traveling the continent in search of lost relics that will further the benefit of his circle. Kind in nature he is still a dragon at heart and will defend his territory fervently. Just recently acquiring another relic he is on his way back to the circle to inform his elder of his journey. Mirum has taken part in every major war pre-Sundering and even post-Sundering skirmishes, he participated to survey and record the events as well as fight for a cause he believes in. He rarely assumes his draconic form even among his own kind, since the Sundering the dragons have been recluse and rarely leave their lairs or circles to travel, and when they do its mostly done in an assumed form.

The reason for his assumed formed in these times as well as choosing to remain in it throughout travel (essentially halting his distance covered) is to remain unnoticed by watching eyes, draconian or other. He informs only few people of his true nature, and when he does he takes interest in those and hopes they seek him out. So far only one person has sought him out, and that was [[Leamar Aurelia]], who now subjects himself under the name of [[Baron Adrian Leamar]] for purposes unknowing to even Mirum. The name Mirum was given to him by the inhabitants of a village some hundreds of years ago while he was just learning to assume different forms. The people of this village seemed to have no kin, or small ones about, leaving the village occupied by aging elders. Mirum stayed in this village as the occurrence of such a phenomenon as to not be able to birth children spark his interest. They named him and fed him as at this time in his life he was still young and forced himself to look as if a young adult. After watching the remaining people wither away to time, Mirum took his leave in search of something else to interest him, it was at this time the [[War of the Ancients]] took place, that ended up shaping the world. His travels after this event are many, and to list them all would be endless. Mirum is one of the few Dragons in the world who still wish to interact and influence its events. One of the oldest known dragons left on Belforia is Mirum.

Mirum Lunar - Kepesksippiolosnin

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